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Our History

In 2021, Navera Community Connections Inc. marked 80 years as one of the city’s oldest and most vital social service organizations.

Throughout the 81 years, Navera has maintained its original purpose to respond to human need with compassion and support.

Our first name was the Catholic Welfare Council (CWC). The CWC was established in 1940 opening its doors for the first time in February of 1941. Its primary purpose was to be of assistance to war brides and to provide clothing and Christmas hampers. Homes were found for the aged and for babies, and shopping services for those who needed help.

In the 1950’s projects included sponsorship of homes for unwed mothers, helping immigrant families, homemaker services, summer camps, identification of suitable films for children and appropriate literature on newsstands. The staff of the CWC also acted as the truant officer for the Separate Board of Education.

The 1960’s brought an official name change from the Catholic Welfare Council to Catholic Family Services of Saskatoon (CFS). This was done to better reflect the agency’s focus on the family as the basic unit of a healthy community and society.

The 1970’s focused on prevention, support groups and on educational programs. CFS Saskatoon became a member of Family Service Saskatchewan in 1978. We continue to hold and value this membership today.

The 1980’s and 1990’s continued to enhance service to individuals, children and families. Involvement in community groups, committees and partnership grew. The Teen Parent Program and Early Childhood Centre located at Bishop Murry High School opened in the 1980’s and started a wonderful tradition of quality care for children and support for families.

In August, 2010 E.D. Feehan Child & Family Centre was opened and in 2017 the Rosewood Early Learning &Family Centre was opened. Today we are to offer 137 spaces for children and support for their fami8lies through our centres.

Although CFS was incorporated under the Societies Act in 1941, CFS became incorporated under the Non-Profit Corporation’s Act in 1983. CFS joined Family Service Canada in 1982.

Catholic Family Services has a long and unique tradition of responding to the needs of the community through dynamic, innovative, leading-edge programs.

Today, we provide more counselling and community building services than relief, but we are still here for Saskatoon’s  citizens. While our organizational structure and nature of our work has evolved over time, our core values remain the same.

April 1, 2023 we changed our name to  Navera Community Connections Inc., we are proud of our history and are looking forward to the opportunity to serve our community for years to come.