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Child & Youth Programs

Finding the Warrior Within

Finding the Warrior Within is a school-based program for grades three through six. The program is delivered to address the increase of young children experiencing anxiety and worry. Children participating in this program will be given the opportunity to gain the resiliency and connection required to cope with whatever hardships they endure in the present and in the future. The unique part of this program is the parenting component, which aims to strengthen the family structure, and in return strengthen the child’s resiliency.

Topics include:

  • Getting to Know Your Worry
  • Triggers and Worry in the Body
  • Emotional Awareness and Regulation
  • Self-esteem & Positive Self-Talk
  • Resilience and Bravery

This program is offered in varying elementary school locations across Saskatoon, contact your school counselor to register or to inquire about the program.


For information on when this program may be running next, please check our calendar. Any programs scheduled will include additional information regarding dates, times, fees, how to register, and more!