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Rebranding: A 4-Month Journey of New Opportunities and Renewed Motivation

Today, August 1st, 2023, marks four months with our new name Navera Community
Connections Inc. I am excited to share some insights into our rebranding journey and express my heartfelt gratitude for your support.

The decision to rebrand an 82-year-old organization was significant. There is no denying that throughout this transformative journey, there were times when we felt a mix of emotions. We were both nervous and excited to make the change. I am grateful for the encouragement of the Board, staff and everyone who supported what turned out to be a seamless transition.

Navera Community Connections Inc. represents an organization focused on creating meaningful connections between people and our community. The work of the organization remains the same. We are intent on providing the right service for the right person at the right time. We will continue to be a relevant and meaningful resource for children, youth, adults and families. We have been working tirelessly to infuse the essence of Navera Community Connections into all aspects of our organization. Now, as we settle into the new name we continue to move with renewed motivation to embrace new opportunities. Our website has been updated, our social media is interesting and current, and our reception area has been renovated to ensure clients and visitors feel comfortable and welcomed.

We are so thankful to all our clients, friends, families, and community partners in Saskatoon and across the province for their unwavering support. We have continued to receive great reviews about the name change – we value your many positive comments, likes and shares!

As stated by the writer George Bernard Shaw: “Progress is impossible without change….” Our organization is moving forward, we are excited about our new name and the many opportunities that will come along the way.

Thank you.

Trish St. Onge
Executive Director