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Parent Programs

Navigating Parenting: Dads Edition

Dads Edition is a program  for fathers who are looking for addtional support and guidance in their parenting. The program is designed to strengthen fathers’ understanding of themselves, their children, and their children’s other parent, and to provide a space to connect with other fathers on their parenting journey. By the end of the program, fathers will have gained new understanding and skills that will serve them in reaching their parenting goals.The topics that can be covered in the Dads Edition can include:
  • Attachment and Connecting
  • Positive discipline
  • Fatherhood roles and goals
  • Self care
  • Parenting Styles
  • Healthy relationships and Parenting
  • Emotional regulation
  • Learning through play
The program is offered in varying locations, contact Lisa at 306.292.8961 to register or for more information.


For information on when this program may be running next, please check our calendar. Any programs scheduled will include additional information regarding dates, times, fees, how to register, and more!