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Professional Workshops

When Teens are Out of Control: Working with Their Parents

Do you work with parents who have out-of-control teens? Would you like to learn effective strategies to work with these parents? Are you interested in finding a way to get parents on board so that you are all working in the same direction?For Professionals such as Social Workers, Youth Workers, Counsellors, Family Educators, Psychologists, School Counsellors, Clinicians, Parent Aids – who want to help parents support their teen.This workshop will cover:
  • How to help parents set appropriate boundaries that they can uphold.
  • How to help parents hold their teens accountable.
  • How to use discipline that is effective.
  • How to empower parents when their teen is in trouble with the law, violent or aggressive, using drugs, not attending school, or blatantly defying household rules.


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