Every donation is important and Navera Community Connections greatly appreciates your support.

A Fresh New Look!

We are delighted to announce that our name has changed from CFS Saskatoon to Navera Community Connections.

Our new name Navera Community Connections Inc., aims to foster hope, possibilities and growth. After more than 82 years of contributions to people in our community and bringing expertise like counselling services, community programs and early learning, we recognize that it is time to update our brand to better reflect who we are and all we have to offer.

Does Navera have a meaning?

Navera is rooted in the word navigation which aligns so well with our work. In other languages it has meanings like budding, and new. (A new era – Navera). We hope over time to create our own meaning for the word so people will know that Navera is synonymous with great programs and services and Community Connection 

What does your new logo depict?
Our logo represents the importance of positive community connections and support. The icon in the logo symbolizes the warm, all inclusive feel we wish to provide all members of the community While the colours are warm green and purple. The green colour inspires feelings of harmony, growth, safety, and success. It makes people feel safe and welcome. The purple is intriguing and inspires thoughtfulness, strength and wisdom. These colours are selected as part of our core visual identity. Together they are powerful symbol of our vision and values
Has your organization changed in any way with the new name?

Not at all, we will continue with the same high quality programs and services that we have always provided. We welcome people of all race, ethnic background, gender, age, sexual orientation, income, education, ability, and other factors that give rise to discrimination and marginalization.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. We look forward to the future and will always remain grateful for the past!